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Viewing Projects

Viewing/Exploring Riverscapes Projects

Riverscapes projects can be viewed using the Riverscapes Analysis Visualization Explorer (RAVE). RAVE is available in three varieties:

  • ArcRAVE for ArcGIS users.
  • QRAVE for QGIS users.
  • WebRAVE, a webgis that can be used to explore riverscapes projects in a web browser. To open projects in WebRAVE, simply click on the globe icon next to the project in the data warehouse view_in_webrave

When using ArcRAVE or QRAVE, import the project by clicking on the Open Riverscapes Project button in the plugin, navigating to the project folder, and selecting the file. This will bring in the entire project, structured into a project tree, along with all of the default symbology to visualize input, output, and intermediate layers.

Viewing Riverscapes Projects in RAVE This video demonstrates how to view and interrogate Riverscapes projects in the three flavors of RAVE.