Channel Area Tool

Channel Area Data

Filtered NHD Waterbodies

A subset of the NHDWaterbody layer filtered using specified NHD FCodes.

Filtered NHD Areas

A subset of the NHDArea layer filtered using specified NHD FCodes.

NHD Waterbodies and NHD Areas combined

The NHDArea and NHDWaterbody layers combined.

Bankfull Network

The NHDFlowlines layer with an attribute ‘bankfull_m’ added that is used to buffer the network. This layer is the network without the segments that fall within NHDWaterbody or NHDArea features.

Bankfull Polygons

Polygons derived by buffering the bankfull_network feature using the ‘bankfull_m’ attribute. This value is calculated using region equations for bankfull width.

Difference Polygons

The bankfull polygons with areas that overlap the NHDArea layer removed.

Channel Area Polygons

A polygon feature class representing the bankfull channel for the input network. The filtered NHDArea and NHDWaterbody features are combined with the buffered NHDFlowline features to create a single feature class.